Senior Back End Engineer – TLV

We’re looking for a talented BE engineer to fit into our fast pace moving dev team. The role
includes platform architecture, algorithms & flows design, writing new code, maintaining existing,
integrating with external services, querying DBs and Search mechanisms, developing new Back
Office capabilities, testing your code, checking how’s your code performing after it is deployed,
working with our Product & Design teams.

We’re true believers in deploying small pieces rather than large chunks ­ multiple deployments a
day. We strive to deliver as fast as possible with high quality.

● Platform architecture
● System understanding and analysis
● Develop REST based API’s
● Develop clean data model for use in growing applications
● Work with product and front­end developers to design and implement new feature
● Establish patterns for scalable service development
● Document and improve newly developed API’s
● Properly estimate and complete objectives with a high quality bar
● Write great, maintainable and testable code
● Deploy and support developed/shipped code

● 6+ years experience with server­side applications
● An understanding that coding is art
● Experience architecting new services and communication between services
● Experience improving reliability, and scalability of existing services
● Willingness to learn new programming languages
● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field from a well know
● Experience with web based platforms
● Deep understanding of relational DBs ­ performance & pitfalls
● Experience building product­ facing REST services


● Experience deploying and supporting infrastructure (Heroku & Google Cloud preferred)
● Experience with Github
● Experience with data modeling/processing
● Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment