6 Ways to Make Your Splacer Listing Stand Out

As a space owner, the way your listing appears in search results is dependent on a number of things, and not just popularity. We’re constantly working on ways to help improve the visibility of your space and increase traffic your listing.  To make sure your listing has its best foot forward, take a look at these 6 tips.

The DNA of a Successful Splacer Listing:

1. Fast response time

Our data shows that our top 10 space owners who respond within the first 8hrs of an inquiry make 8x the revenue of space owners who respond after the first 24hrs. Keeping average response rates under 8hrs will help you earn more money from your listing and appear first in search results.

2. Active in the community

The more you give to the community, the more the community gives to you. Increasing activity like referrals and adding events from your website’s Booking Widget can bump your space up in search results.

3. Always gets reviews post-event

Reviews are essential to gaining trust in your listing and making event organizers feel comfortable with booking your space. We always encourage event organizers to leave a review after their event, but as a space owner you can also ask them personally.

4. High quality, professional photos

The right photos can make or break a potential booking – starting with the order they appear. Your cover photo is what shows up in search results and emails, so choose wisely! Listings with high quality photos are also often chosen to be featured on social media, press, and blog posts. If you don’t have access to professional photography, try to take photos when your space is well-lit. Including photos of your space in use can also help increase interest.  And don’t forget the details! Make sure to highlight amenities people will enjoy, like a rooftop or unique architectural details.

5. Highlights unique features, add-ons, special pricing

Your description will appear in your listing and will be the first introduction viewers have to your space. Help event organizers imagine themselves at your place by describing its unique qualities that they shouldn’t miss. You’re more likely to catch an event organizer’s eye by starting your description with the must-know information – the first few lines are what appear in search results.

6. Includes hourly and daily rates

Take a look through the Splacer marketplace to see what the rates are for spaces comparable to your own. These details will impact how you set your hourly rate: Space location, size, quality (design, cleanliness), accessibility (distance to public transportation), real estate value, versatility (how many different types of events can you accommodate?) Don’t forget, your base and day rates can be negotiable. During the booking process, you have the opportunity to send a customized quote to anyone interested in booking your space.