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Community Spotlight: Jared Matthew Weiss, Splacer Brand Ambassador

Relationships and sex are topics that have traditionally been uncomfortable for Americans to talk about openly and publicly. Jared Matthew Weiss has been trying to change that and we are thrilled to have him on as part of our Brand Ambassadors. He has seen a small gathering of his friends turn into Touchpoint, a town-hall style event in which as many as 100 men and women come together to share stories and advice on dating, sex, and the modern world. We caught up with Jared to hear about his story and his mission.


SPLACER: So Jared, tell us a little bit about yourself!

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Fort Lauderdale, and have been growing up in New York City since 2004. I have been studying everything since I was born – my formal education was unproductive as the architecture of academia never really resonated with me. I love to learn. More importantly, I love to practice what I learn.
I went to the University of Florida for 18 months where I taught myself how to play a variety of instruments, mastered the art of pizza delivery, and accepted the truth that I would never have a ‘good job.’ I was born to make things up. So I left school and moved to Oz–New York, New York.


SPLACER: How and when did you found your company Touchpoint? What inspired it?

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: I started Touchpoint in April as a space to host an accessible, informative, and entertaining town hall about how to date, partner, and have sex in the modern world. I gathered some friends in a living room and we talked all night. We did it again a month later, but at that point 50 people showed up, Dig Inn offered to feed everyone, and so it began. We started something.


SPLACER: How has it evolved since? 

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: Touchpoint is a town hall in New York City where women and men gather to discuss how to date, partner, and have sex in the modern world. In the days leading up to the event, questions and topics are crowd-sourced online by the community. Then, between 50-100 women and men sit in a circle, and share their stories and ideas on the chosen themes with the group. There is a moderator, but no panelists or featured speakers; just real people having a real conversation. Many come to share, most come to listen, but everyone comes to have a great time and explore what’s possible in love, in bed, and in life.


SPLACER: And what did you do prior to Touchpoint?

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: I helped people change their habits so they could lead happier, healthier lives. I was on television a lot as an ‘expert.’


SPLACER: Taking one of your town hall meetings as an example. What made you pick that space, and how do you think it affects the event.

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: We choose spaces with cozy, living rooms with lots of floor space. Touchpoint is so personal and intimate, everyone takes off their shoes and feels at home. The space is everything. We have a Director of Vibes who brings 20-30 rugs and dozens of candles into each space to create the kind of sexy, intimate vibe we need to cultivate the energy we want. In fact, we met her through Splacer! She hosted one of our events, and we became instant friends. Splacer can also be such a powerful way to connect with likeminded people. The space is a tremendous driver in how much people are willing to open up and share.



SPLACER: And how do you feel about being one of our Ambassadors?

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: I love Splacer. The idea is genius. I am so grateful to be an ambassador. I have nothing but positive things to say about the team, the spaces, the hosts, everyone. I love how eclectic the options are on Splacer. So many different types of spaces and hosts to choose from. Sometimes, I look at venues on Splacer to inspire ideas for events. Which is kind of backwards, but everyone has their own creative process, right?


SPLACER: What’s important to you in a space, from a personal level to a working level.

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: Good energy. Vibes are life.


SPLACER: What is your favorite building in NYC?

Flat Iron Building, image via The Rise, NYC

Flat Iron Building (image via The Rise, NYC)


SPLACER: A place you would like to visit?



SPLACER: Favorite exhibition you’ve been to in the past 3 months.

JARED MATTHEW WEISS: Museum of Ice Cream. Hands down. No contest. Deliciously brilliant.

Museum of Ice Cream via George Etheredge/The New York Times

Museum of Ice Cream [image via George Etheredge/The New York Times]