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Meet Josh Rosenberg, Splacer Brand Ambassador

Since day one, Day One Agency has focused on improving the PR experience through an emphasis on understanding both the client and their audience. One of its founders, Josh Rosenberg, sat down with us to discuss Day One’s mission and how his young agency connected with Splacer to take advantage of unique spaces that help spur creativity and tell stories. Meet our latest Splacer Brand Ambassador.


SPLACER: Tell me a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up, where did you study, a short bio of sorts.

JOSH ROSENBERG: I grew up in New Rochelle, NY. I spent four years studying Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, and upon graduation, pursued a job in public relations. A decade into my career I saw an opportunity for a new kind of communications agency that not only takes on a client’s challenge, but also thoroughly obsesses over it. I started Day One Agency in March of 2014 with two great biz partners, and over the past few years the agency has grown into an award-winning team, with offices in New York and Los Angeles.


SPLACER: What did you do prior to One Agency?

JOSH ROSENBERG: Prior to founding Day One I started and led a digital team at a New York based consumer PR agency, specifically focusing on helping the agency and its’ clients transition into the digital world.


SPLACER: Where do you think you got the most experience, or you feel to this day helped you get to where you are now.

JOSH ROSENBERG: At my last job I was fortunate enough to have amazing mentors to guide me and show me how to run a great agency. Among the many things they taught me, two of the most valuable were that every good story has a clear beginning, middle and end, and to always put my team first and then great work and clients will inevitably follow.

Creativity is core to what we do, and space helps to inspire our creativity.


SPLACER: You help brands shape and share their story, could you describe that process a little bit?

JOSH ROSENBERG: For us it’s all about understanding the audience our client wants to reach, and finding out what that audience is talking about. Then we are able to fully develop a strategic campaign or compelling story that best connects our client’s brand with their desired audience and gets that audience to react and engage with and ultimately share that story.


SPLACER: Does space fit into that process? Do you use space in any way to help brands express their stories?

JOSH ROSENBERG: Creativity is core to what we do, and space helps to inspire our creativity. We built our own space to inspire fresh thinking and new energy by specifically designing areas in our office for our team to collaborate and inspire each other. We recently used an awesome Splacer loft to brainstorm and plan with a client for 2017. We always make a conscious choice to get out of our usual surroundings for big brainstorming sessions to get inspired by a new setting.


SPLACER: What drew you to working with Splacer? How do you feel about being a Brand Ambassador?

JOSH ROSENBERG: As a nimble young agency we were drawn to working with Splacer for its many one of a kind spaces, most of which we would never had discovered or had access to without the Splacer platform. I’m excited to be a brand ambassador.



d1a 2 Year Anniversary Party (image courtesy of d1a)


SPLACER: Describe the type of events you’ve hosted, and the ones you plan on hosting.

JOSH ROSENBERG: In the past we’ve mostly utilized Splacer for brainstorming sessions and photo shoots, but we plan to use Splacer much more for agency gatherings and private dinners.


SPLACER: Tell me about your event that you are planning, what it’s about and what spaces are you looking for?

JOSH ROSENBERG: In a few weeks we’re hosting an agency “Drink and Draw” event where we’ll be tasting wine and doodling together. We had been looking for a great downtown loft that would be pretty turnkey, and there were many to choose from. What’s been particularly great about planning this event has been working with the host, who has been extremely accommodating and as excited about working with Splacer as we are.


SPLACER: What’s important to you in space, from a personal level to a working level?

JOSH ROSENBERG: At home and at work I like to see simplicity, clean lines and great materials.


SPLACER: What is your favorite building in NYC?

JOSH ROSENBERG: The Flatiron building; it actually was featured in many shots on our agency’s first website.



SPLACER: Favorite exhibition you’ve been to in the past 3 months?

JOSH ROSENBERG: It’s always great when I can combine a gallery visit with my job and recently I loved seeing one of our client’s hotels in Paris, which is an art exhibition in itself. Hotel Le Dokhan’s, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, is a treasure trove of antiques, and the hotel features an original Louis Vuitton elevator cabin (created from an actual Louis Vuitton travel trunk), hand painted friezes, custom-made fabrics and works of art by Picasso, Klee and Matisse.