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Community Spotlight: Leslie Mallman, Splacer Brand Ambassador

Top dollar tends to get you top service, but when it comes to wealth management and saving, this usually means those who aren’t quite “there” yet are at a perennial disadvantage. Leslie Mallman sees her new company as a solution to provide everyone with high-quality financial advice and guidance. We spoke with her to learn about how she uses Splacer for her speaker series and how her experience has shaped her company. Meet our newest Brand Ambassador.


SPLACER: Tell me us little bit about yourself, where did you grow up, where did you study?
LESLIE MALLMAN: I grew up in a Chicago suburb, then headed to Southern California for college at Pomona College where I studied economics.  My first job was in London working for an international bank, I spent three years walking around in awe while I was living there!


SPLACER: What did you do next?
LESLIE MALLMAN: I was a management consultant for a few years, and prior to that I helped launch a financial advising firm in Chicago.


SPLACER: How and when did you found your company, what inspired it? 
LESLIE MALLMAN: I officially launched in April, 2015.  In my previous company I was limited to serving clients who had already accumulated a significant amount of wealth. I wanted to be able to serve people who weren’t “there” yet, but still wanted high quality advice and guidance.  I see it partly as a social mission – to use my knowledge of personal finance to assist people who want help in figuring out this complicated, emotional thing called saving.


SPLACER: Were you always entrepreneurial? 
LESLIE MALLMAN: When I was 10 I sold the most girl scout cookies in my troop – so, yes.


SPLACER: What’s your connection to Splacer, how do you feel about being an Ambassador? 
LESLIE MALLMAN: A good friend is on the board and she knows I love hosting monthly events.  I was honored to be invited to be an Ambassador.


SPLACER: What do you like about Splacer? And what kind of events do you hope in hosting in our spaces? 
LESLIE MALLMAN: Splacer makes it incredibly easy for me to source a space for my events. A space really impacts an event, so it is wonderful to have a wide selection of styles as well as locations.  To date I have hosted my monthly speaker’s series at Splacer venues, but look forward to hosting a party as well. Perhaps in a beautiful outdoor garden space…

Leslie’s Monthly Speaker’s Series (image via Leslie Mallman)


SPLACER: What do you look for in a space? 
LESLIE MALLMAN: For my talks I look for some basics: seating and room for people to mingle. Beyond that, I want the space to be in a convenient location and to have some kind of unique charm. I try to match the theme of the talk with the feel of the space.


SPLACER: What is your favorite building in San Francisco? 
LESLIE MALLMAN: A historic mansion in the Mission that has been restored to its original style. The wallpaper is unique and ornate, the wood details are striking and the lighting creates the perfect ambiance, it’s like walking back in time.
Historic Mansion on The Mission (image via San Francisco State University)

Historic Mansion on The Mission (image via San Francisco State University)


SPLACER: A place you would like to visit…
LESLIE MALLMAN: Japan is high on my list!


SPLACER: Favorite exhibition you’ve been to in the past 3 months?