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10 Event Themes for a Holiday Party – Part I

Corporate parties are a great way to keep up morale in a company as well as encourage engagement. However, one bad party and you could develop a reputation that can prevent people from coming year after year. When people come to a corporate party, they want to have a good time. While some of this can revolve around the possible drinks, food, and good company, a lot of it also has to do with the theme. You have a lot of fun themes you can work with but you want to be careful to choose the right one for the party and your audience. These are five corporate event theme ideas that will never let you down.

Brand New Contemporary Warehouse in DTLA / Have it shaken, not stirred.

Casino Royale – Nothing says fun like a night at the casino where you don’t have to spend your own money. This is the whole idea behind a casino themed corporate party. Everyone can dress up and play some casino games or spend some time on the dance floor, whichever they choose. You can have everyone play for tickets for a raffle at the end of the night. With this idea, people not only have fun playing casino games without losing money but they are also trying to win some cool prizes.

Hollywood Hills Sanctuary / Party like it’s 1999

Gatsby Party – People love to dress up like they are in another decade and the 20’s are no exception. You can make this a night to remember with elegant designs and big centerpieces that take you back in time. Plus, you can invite everyone to wear some 20’s attire and make it a night where seeing what everyone finds is part of the fun. You can even have a prize for the person who has the best costume. Round this party out with some dancing to 20’s music and delicious food for the perfect themed night.

An Histroic Boat / Don’t forget your Boat-tie

Black and White Affair – You can’t go wrong with a simple idea that is timeless and classic. With a black and white affair, you can invite people to wear black, white, or a combination of the two. For decor, you want to think elegant and and find everything you can with black and white. With this type of theme, it is very easy to create a high-end look and feel without spending a ton of money. Plus, depending on your crowd, they will love the classic theme that brings opposites, and everyone at the company, together.

Auto Space / Celebrate in unique settings

Awards Night – If you really want to get everyone involved and make it a more interactive party, an awards night is perfect. You can plan something elegant like the Oscars and you can even put the red carpet out for your guests as they arrive. To round out the night, you can even have some funny or actual awards for the guests. If you do plan to do this, you can build up some momentum before the event and invite employees to vote on who should win a specific award on the night of the party.

Tropical Event – A great way to make your guests feel like they are actually on vacation is with a tropical event with elegant touches. You can find a rooftop bar or space that you can transform with some nautical ideas and invite everyone to join in their beach dresses and outfits like a night in Hawaii. Everyone will get to enjoy a bit of paradise without taking a trip to the beach while enjoying some tropical drinks and food to bring the entire theme together.

To have a great party, it really starts with the theme. From there, you can develop ideas that fit around it and really pull the party together. It doesn’t take all of your effort to do this, either. Start with a great space and idea and then get some help to develop and implement all of the smaller ideas. With the right planning and infrastructure in place, you will have a great corporate party in place that will have people raving about it until the next one and they will be sure not to miss another corporate event of yours as long as they are employed there.

Trying to move away from the black-tie? Stay tuned to our Part II of different type of themes…