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Meet the Expert: Bollare’s Alle Fister

Alle Fister, CEO of Bollare PR agency, shares her expert tips from years of  industry experience in events and event planning. Bollare’s amazing modern downtown space and studio is available to book on Splacer now, complete with two meeting rooms, VIP lounger, and photo studio. 


What’s the best event you’ve ever hosted?

#BollarexTen // We celebrated our tenth anniversary of Bollare with a dinner at The Palihouse in West Hollywood with 45 of our closest friends & family! From a custom ‘JUST LIKE A TEN…X’ neon sign, to a candlelit setting. All of our guests wore black and white. It was a stunning celebration I will always cherish, celebrating a milestone I am so proud of!


What’s the best you event you’ve ever attended?

Oh so many…! It’s hard to pick a favorite…! A few standouts //

Last week our team did an influencer brunch at MAMAN in Tribeca to celebrate the launch of Dr. Scholls x Anthropologie. They created a chandelier of tulips that framed a stunning space and set the tone for the collaboration in a creative way!

Miami Swim 2016 – Our agency is very involved in the swim and sport spaces. Miami Swim is a huge event weekend for us! We worked with 1 HOTEL in MIAMI and took over a 5,000 sq ft penthouse to create ‘THE HUB’ a go-to for editors and influencers to relax and recharge in a pop up Bollare space!

LeSportsac at Glass House – Our Events team created a Dinner in the Clouds concept to launch the brand’s essentials collection. It was seriously stunning!


What’s your pre-event routine?

We always have a ‘pre-game’ meeting across our internal team at Bollare whom is working on an event – an opportunity to align, set the vibe and get ready to GO!


What’s your post-event routine?

We always wrap every event with a ‘post-game’ meeting as well…a time to decompress, share stories of the event, and set next steps, defining roles and responsibilities on how to leverage what just was created from the event activation.


What’s the best host(ess) gift you’ve ever received?

I love a candle from Diptyque, a bottle of wine from a unique place…a particularly fun one was Bean Box, the gift of caffeinating, which is always well appreciated after the rigor of an event!

What’s your favorite way to break the ice at a dinner party?

Don’t chat about the weather or traffic…how borrr-innng! Bring more substance to breaking the ice. Ask open ended questions, and if you’re hitting a wall with someone, pivot to ‘this or that’ questions – giving the person two options to which they will most naturally start to elaborate, opening the conversation.


What’s your dream event location?

Well, we just got done building out a gorgeous (but, hey, I am partial) showroom, studio and event space for Bollare’s NYC presence in Tribeca…a year in the making, I am super proud of it. We were quite particular to create flexible spaces (defined by garage doors) that allowed for various scales and environments.

For NYC – I love Glass Houses, we did an event there with Le Sportsac that was so chic…unbelievable views!

For LA – check out parking lots. Wide open spaces (most times with a view) that allow for flexibility in a blank canvas type of way!


Event space: Checking out SPLACER to see what’s new & next!

Party snack: Caprese skewers – easy to eat, relatively fragrance free, wilt-friendly!

Party drink: Champagne cocktails..! Set the tone for festive fun!

Song to dance to: I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY…Whitney Houston