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Meet Waitron, the Easiest Way to Hire Staff for Your Event

As the events industry continues to become faster and more efficient, the moving parts involved in planning an event must also evolve to keep up. Thanks to technology, tasks that were once daunting, like booking a venue, choosing catering, and hiring staff, are simpler than ever. Waitron, a marketplace for event staff, aims to make finding high-quality staff as seamless as possible. “Think of Waitron as a totally automated staffing agency,” said Founder and CEO Bobby Sain. “Clients can go on our web app and create an event – request staff, state time of day and location, and then after clicking submit, everything is completely automated.” Waitron’s platform includes staff photos and contact information, so you can get in touch easily. Whether you’re looking to eliminate the stress of hosting and serving at your own dinner party, or hire staff for a 250-person company event, you choose how many servers, bartenders and event captains you need and Waitron takes care of the rest. We caught up with the company’s founder & CEO, Bobby Sain, to talk all things events!

Meet the Founder:


What’s the best event you’ve ever hosted?

BS: I hosted a wonderful Summer BBQ this past year that included plenty of friends, drinks and laughs. A great event doesn’t need much more than that.


What’s the best you event you’ve ever attended?

BS: I have been to several Broadway openings; those events are always top notch. However, if I had to pick one single event it would have to be a Tony Award after party at a secret location of which I cannot disclose.


What’s the best host(ess) gift you’ve ever received?

BS: A miniature gumball machine. I still use it to this day!


What’s your favorite way to break the ice at a dinner party?

BS: Find something in the person of which I am genuinely interested.


What’s your favorite event location?

BS: Gotham Hall – hands down.


Favorite party snack: Beef Sliders


Favorite party drink: My go to is always an Old Fashioned – call me old fashioned…


Favorite song to dance to: Any awesome electronic power pop song. It’s hard to pick just one.