Space Owners

Splacer’s ABC’s of venue rental.

We frequently hear the same feedback from our community of space providers, “help me improve my listings” or  “what can I do to get more demand into my space?”

Today’s blog post will try to answer these questions and provide you with a playbook to improve your space’s performance

The 6 Steps to selling your space

We’re sure you are aware that booking events is very similar to any sales process. What you might not know, is that in this sales process, there are 6 steps that will almost always precede an event booking.

We are going to outline how to approach and successfully execute each step of that sales process so that you can win more bookings:


A huge advantage of being listed with Splacer is that we do the first step of the sales process for you! You receive inbound leads from Splacer generated clients, which means you do not need to cold call event creators or send time-consuming marketing emails. This makes prospecting as easy as answering inbound leads from event organizers who are already interested in your space.

The first thing you should do with an inbound lead is qualify the opportunity. That means considering whether the opportunity is right for your space:

  1. Read the inquiry carefully, often the answers to your questions are already there.
  2. Check the key details: date, time, guest count, event type are all there for review.


  1. Before sending a response make sure to identify any questions the customer has raised.
  2. Consider the details of the event and prepare an offer that is reasonable and competitive. Keep in mind, most event organizers are reviewing other offers at the same time.


  1. Always answer the customers questions in your initial response.
  2. Highlight why your space is great for the activity they have planned. Mention the features that will enhance the event in question. For example: natural light for production, unique design for experience, elevator, etc.


  1. Share photos that demonstrate your ability to host their event.
  2. Always include a floor-plan if you have one.

Objection Handling

  1. Be sure to understand any hesitation from the customer. Whether it is price or space features, try to alleviate any reluctance to book by using past events and real examples that address their concern.
  2. Site visits are a great opportunity to ask what it will take for the customer to go with your space. Ask about other offers and spaces they are considering. The more you know, the better your chance to close.

Close and follow up:

  1. Time to finalize things. Send the customer a Quote on the Splacer platform. Be sure to include relevant information discussed over messaging, calls and site visits.
  2. If the customer did not book, send a follow-up message asking if there is anything you can do to help them make a decision.


Now that you’re an expert on the 6 steps of booking events, we’d like to share a simple communication tip that will make booking a breeze. Next time you get a new message, simply remember to respond F.A.S.T.
Here’s what that looks like:

Friendliness is important! OR  Be Friendly
Let organizers know that you’re excited to hear from them.

Ask the right questions
Don’t wait until the big day to find out if they’re allergic to your cat or planning to serve alcohol.

Sell your space:
Sometimes, pictures can’t tell the full story. Don’t make organizers guess why your space is perfect, tell them!

Timeliness is key
Don’t wait until the big day to find out if they’re allergic to your cat or planning to serve alcohol.

Use these tips and you’ll be booked up in no time!
If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to for help or suggestions.