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How Splacer Helps Ordinary New Yorkers Turn Their Living Rooms Into Venues

As highlighted in the New York Times, Splacer is changing the way space owners make use of their properties and earn income. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share several space owner success stories and reveal the impact Splacer is making on the sharing economy.

“Like other New Yorkers, Alex Story occasionally rents out her home through Airbnb, relinquishing her East Village townhouse to strangers who sleep in her bed, eat in her kitchen and lounge on her sofa. But she has found a less intrusive way to profit from her property: She rents it out by the hour, instead.

In the last three years, a handful of companies have entered the New York City marketplace, providing an internet platform that allows people to list their properties for parties, corporate events and photography shoots. Companies like Splacer…allow ordinary New Yorkers to turn their living rooms into venues for corporate retreats or baby showers, charging as much as a guest is willing to pay.”

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