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From the Founders: Building a Business Based on Authenticity

This month, CMO & Co-Founder Lihi Gerstner talks about the importance of building a business based on authenticity, as well as Splacer’s values and goals that helped the business grow.

“Authenticity can’t be manufactured. You can’t just pay lip service to the idea and think millennials will be easily fooled. Businesses need to stop “strategizing” how to be authentic and instead focus on building authentic businesses from the ground up. When we started Splacer our goal was (and remains) to create something of value — a business that could make everyone’s life that little bit better. From the space owner looking to boost their income, to the event planner in search of unique venues, to the host look for an amazing experience. We saw a chance to create access to spaces that for so long were off limits to the average person. We didn’t create Splacer with a demographic in mind — we just thought about people. How they lived, how they worked, what they aspired to. We wanted to create a canvas that allows people to fulfill their own vision of their lives so they can transcend the traditional and embrace the different.”

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