From the Founders: Why Events Matter

Splacer’s founders are passionate about their mission to reimagine spaces and foster community. Each month, one of the founders will write about a topic that is significant to them and to Splacer’s mission. This month, CMO Lihi Gerstner discusses the genesis of Splacer and how she sees the continuing importance of events and gatherings in our highly connected global community, emphasizing the sharing economy and the significance of our surroundings to that sense of community.


“I am often asked why we created Splacer.

Ubuntu, the ancient and evocative African concept of ‘I am because we are’, is often the first word that comes to mind. It embodies the timeless idea of community, connection and human kindness. And that’s exactly what Splacer sets out to make possible. The ritual of sharing stories, the act of breaking bread, the creative energy in being with like-minded people who share our passions — these are practices handed down over time because they are fundamental to who we are as a people, and mirror our fundamental need for connection.

And yet, our world has changed. Many more people live in cities, away from families, or far from the communities and friends we grew up with. And many live in some of the most expensive cities in the world, where house prices and limited space mean small apartments with little to no space for a communal gathering.”

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