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5 Tips To Help Pull Off Your Last Minute Holiday Party

1. Know Your Details 

When planning an event, it is easy to forget the small details and focus on the big picture. However, this can result in going over budget and forgetting some of the most important details of the event. To avoid this, our event planners recommend writing down the most crucial details of your event before you begin planning, starting with your budget, what you need for the event, as well as the time, date, guest list and anything in between. This will eliminate any added stress, and add intention and organization to your overall plan.


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2. Choose a Theme  

Whether your event is big or small, choosing a theme can help to streamline the planning process, and keep you focused and on track. Similarly to knowing your event details, selecting a set theme can eliminate any unnecessary expenses, and will speed up the party planning process. Once you choose a theme, you can plan your food, beverage and decor to align with the theme.


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3. Location 

Call us biased, but we believe the location is the most important element of an event, because there are so many factors to consider when selecting the perfect space. Luckily, our online marketplace allows you to select exactly where you want to have your event, what activity you would like the space for, and you can filter by important features such as amenities, services, rules and added features, which gives you more time to plan the other crucial aspects of your event.

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4. Paperless Invites 

Even when time is of the essence, you can still make sure your invites get to your guest list in style!  We recommend using services such as Paperless Post, which allows you to send beautiful personalized invites directly to your guests inbox.

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5. Easy Entertainment

Providing your guests with some form of entertainment at the event is crucial, even if it is just something small. Entertainment elements allow guests to become comfortable in the space and can help to generate conversations, which is perfect for events where people may not be familiar with each other. For bigger to medium sized events, we recommend booking photo booths, or entertainers such as dancers or singers. For smaller events, we recommend more intimate activities such as cooking or a wine and painting activity.