How to Choose an Alternative Wedding Venue


We teamed up with The Bridechilla Podcast to discuss everything you need to think about when it comes to choosing a non-traditional wedding venue, from the logistics (like the importance of insurance and contracts) to thinking about all of the wonderful venue options that you may never have even considered. Listen here and check out our tips below!


This post originally appeared on TheBridechilla.com


Finding a venue that suits you

Consider the possibilities! Did you always dream of a backyard wedding but never had the backyard to make it happen? Looking to create something on a budget at home in your apartment? Would your guests be up for a bit of glamping? There are so many options these days when it comes to alternative venues that one of the biggest hurdles is navigating what’s right for you and your guests. Like any venue search, starting with time of year will help narrow down availability and set the tone for the rest of the decision making.

Create a vision that’s truly yours

One of the best things about choosing a nontraditional venue is that you can make your own choices every step of the way. The result is an experience that you as a couple can truly identify with. If you’re an artist, you can get married in a gallery, a chef in a culinary space, a historian in a landmark building. With an alternative space also comes the option to direct the flow of the event in alternative way – why not eat, dance and do the ceremony later?!

Preparing the logistics

Ask lots of questions! Some common details you may want to inquire about: capacity, sound system (limits on volume), dance floor, lighting, time limitations, and insurance. It is very easy to add event insurance and there are many solutions in the market today that are particularly suitable for weddings. At Splacer, our marketplace is geared towards events so all venues, whether residential or commercial, are aware of the activities going on in their space and are able to help you with many of these logistics.

Working with outside vendors

You’ll want to make sure you have a designated area for vendors to load in, set up, and store what’s not being used. If you’re working with an open space, there are ways to make unsightly equipment blend into decor. Try setting up dividers and covering them in a fabric to match your tablecloths. Because it may be the first time various vendors are working together, take the time at the start of the event to set up a quick “who’s who” meeting so that vendors can feel like one big team working towards the same goal – creating a magical event for YOU!

Enjoying the experience

Remember that you chose to go the nontraditional route for a reason. Try to abandon stereotypes and notions of what you think your wedding “should” be like. Guests will love seeing all of the thought you put into creating an experience that is so personal to you – from the decor and the music, to the cocktails and catering choices. Even though you may have had a larger role in the organization and planning than you would typically have at a more traditional venue, your only job on wedding day is to enjoy and let your friends and family enjoy along with you!

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