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Why Off-site Meetings Should Be Part of Your Company Routine

Get your team looking forward to what’s ahead by taking your next meeting offsite to a new and exciting environment. At Splacer, we believe it’s all about finding an atmosphere that inspires creativity– that’s why we have tons of spaces suitable for you to meet, gather, and brainstorm ideas. No matter what’s at the top of your eternal to-do list, it’s safe to say we’re all striving to be a bit more innovative, productive, attentive and creative this season. Here are 5 reasons why breaking away from your conference room might just give you a head start. 


1. They inspire out-of-the-box thinking

When your employees get used to meeting every week in the same conference room at the same time in the same surroundings, it can be hard to stir up new ideas. Bringing a meeting off site can be beneficial for brainstorming sessions by getting people to think outside of their typical environments.


2. They help build relationships

Getting together outside of an office environment often encourages employees to make connections with those they don’t get a chance to interact with day to day. Successful off sites bring teams closer together and promote collaboration.


3. They increase productivity

The simplest change in environment can be good for your team’s productivity. Details like natural lighting, the presence of plants, and the color of the walls can all make an impact on the workflow and focus. And, if you really want to change things up, giving us try giving out coloring books and crayons during a meeting to help stimulate active listening and multitasking.


4. They offer new resources

One of the most common reasons for taking a meeting off site is to access technology and space that isn’t available regularly in your office. Many off-site locations offer screening rooms, sound systems, rooftops, kitchens and open space of all kinds.


5. They’re fun!

It’s common for off-sites to include non work related recreational activities like yoga, meditation, or other team building exercises. Experiencing something new together can be a great way for employees to de-stress and enjoy time with their colleagues.