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How to Plan the Coolest Holiday Party

Is it just us, or do bland office holiday parties remind you of your old middle school dances? The decoration is underwhelming — which is probably due to the fact that the party venue is actually your office and you’re within throwing distance of your desk. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make sure that your holiday party – whether it’s for your co-workers, your friends, or your family – is undeniably cool. Your guests won’t forget this one. Adios, pretzel bowls.


Find a Venue

There’s a reason why the words ‘location, location, location’ come out of every real estate agent or HGTV personalities mouth — it’s absolutely essential, event planning 101. Picking a stellar location is key, but a big part of it depends on knowing your audience. Browse Splacer’s curated, but expansive collection of spaces for anything from fancy to funky. We’ve got a list of “Best of Splacer“,  just start there! For the cool kids, there’s our Graffiti Studio (pictured below), a great source for envy-inducing Instagram posts.



Get Sponsors

 A great way to simultaneously cut down on costs and collaborate with trendy boutique brands is sponsorship. Collaborations can benefit both you and your sponsor by engaging multiple different communities and audiences — and the more the merrier, right? Check out Silkstone, a boutique catering group, and mother of The Fat Radish, Splacer had the chance to work with recently at our Brooklyn Creatives Summer Soirée. Just a little food for thought (pun completely intended).




You’ve already picked the perfect venue to fit your party. It’s not just the empty or bare boned venues that need a personal touch. Even if your space of choice comes pre-decorated it still needs you. Whether it’s tableware, general party paraphernalia, etc. — customization is a necessity. Now, this guy gets it.


Photo courtesy of Preston Bailey Designs



Themes can be cool, we promise. We’re not talking tea parties or toga parties here. In 1966, Truman Capote threw a masquerade party called “The Black and White Ball”. Among the 500 guests were Lauren Bacall, JFK, Gloria Steinem, Frank Sinatra, Andy Warhol and Sammy Davis Junior. Bring on the costumes and read more about Capote’s legendary party in this Vanity Fair article.


Oscar de la Renta and Francoise de Langlade at Capote's "Black and White Ball." Image Courtesy of The Chive.

Oscar de la Renta and Francoise de Langlade at Capote’s “Black and White Ball.” Image Courtesy of The Chive.












Make it Live & Interactive

Cool activities at parties are a sure way to get people engaged and festive at your party. A cool space, decor, guests and sponsors are all part of the recipe for a standout and memorable party. Interactive features are the way to take memorable and turn it into legendary. When in doubt a live performance or a photo booth can pack a punch.


Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler in the Photo Booth at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar.

Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar.


Party On

Just because the party ended, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Give your guests a little keepsake to take with them to remember the night. Picking something unique, but the best giveaways are something you can actually use. Or knowing what kind of knick knacks people can’t help but hold onto. Matchbooks are a safe bet for candle lovers, general collectors and it doesn’t hurt that they can be quite pretty. Try Port Manteau Paper Co. for customizable matchboxes.


Image Courtesy of Collectors Weekly

Image Courtesy of Collectors Weekly


Words by Katy Hallowell