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10 Event Themes for a Holiday Party – Part II

Luxurious 1961 Yacht in Marina Del Ray

When it comes to planning a corporate event, there are the standard and common ideas that people use and then there are the unique ones. The unique corporate events could be unique because of the event venue or because of the theme itself. If you are looking to take your corporate events up a notch, then these are some great options for you that are unexpected and unique.

Nightlife Under the Sea – If your office is close to an aquarium, you may want to consider having a corporate event there. Many tend to have larger ballrooms that also allow you to see the aquatic life while you do whatever you choose in the venue. An idea that you could use would be a night of dancing with all of the fluidity of the dances to align with the fluidity of the aquatic animals keeping you company. pair that with some food and drinks and you are set for a perfect night.

Botanical Gardens and Gallery Night – Botanical gardens are a great idea for a party as long as the weather is not too extreme. However, you can also blend this with a gallery night that people can enjoy after they spend some time in the gardens. As part of the event, you can try to allow all of the guests to get a tour of the gardens and possibly even reserve a nice and beautiful spot for drinks before a follow up in the gallery.

A Night Under the Stars – Planetariums are very fun places to spend some time but have you ever thought of having an event in one? No matter the time of year, you can host a night under the stars and have an elegant night or a picnic themed event. If no planetarium is to be found, spaces with large windows and rooftops work too! Either is a great idea and you likely don’t have to overdo the decor since people will be looking up at the stars.

A Step Back in Time – Dinosaurs are not just for children when you pair them with a corporate event. If you have a museum with dinosaur skeletons set up, you can create a really fun event around it! You may even want to do a specific attire theme around a specific decade that doesn’t have to be in line with the dinosaur era. Bring it all together with a look back on the history of the company and some good food to enjoy.

Detective Story on a Yacht – Everyone loves a good murder mystery but this idea is unique because of the location. Having the event on a yacht makes it elegant from the beginning but then you bring in an interactive and enthralling mystery for the guests to figure out and you can create an overall event that is unforgettable. This idea will get people out of their element and will allow you to do innovative things for the entire night to keep people on their toes.

These ideas are just the beginning of what you can come up with and how you can create the most memorable corporate event that your company has ever seen. You can start with one of these ideas or make it one of your own and it is almost a guarantee that the party will be the talk of the company for years to come.