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Gone are the days where it was acceptable to throw out a bowl of candy and dress in homemade costumes for a quick and easy Halloween party. Today’s revelers are looking for more sophisticated ways to celebrating this spooky night. They want to don a costume that looks akin to a movie star’s wardrobe. They want to sip artfully-crafted concoctions that coordinate with the theme. They want to surround themselves with a space that makes them feel like they are experiencing Halloween, rather than just celebrating the holiday.

These 5 party ideas will allow you to fully utilize your event space in order to perfectly execute your Halloween soiree:

Dance with the Dead by Hosting a Ghost Ball

For centuries, dances, balls and cotillions have been considered a classic way to mark the Halloween holiday. From masquerade balls to traditional costume dances, this idea can start to become a little tired and stale. Instead of going down the tried-and-true route, switch it up with a ghost ball. Your guests will be required to don attire that makes them appear like a spooky apparition. Floating, billowing outfits will make for a beautiful night that is slightly eerie. Of course, you’ll need the right venue to complete the feel. Consider booking a vintage ballroom or renovated theater for this Halloween party.

Invite Your Guests to Dine at a Murder Mystery Dinner

A fine meal is central to any event, but your Halloween party doesn’t have to be just any old dinner party. Take the extra step while planning your Halloween party and create a murder mystery dining experience for you and your guests. For this event, rent out a home — such as a colonial-style farmhouse — that will have a haunted appeal when decorated appropriately. Then, create a scheme in which one unsuspecting guest is the murderer, another is the victim and the rest have to use clues to figure it all out. It’s an interactive and engaging way to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Colonial-style Farmhouse

Carve Out the Competition with a Jack-o-Lantern Contest

Jack-o-Lanterns are the unofficial symbol of Halloween, so why not make these pumpkins with personality the star of your next Halloween party? This event allows guests to get creative and get messy at the same time. Make sure that they arrive with their carving tools in hand, and make the rules of contest clear. You can award prizes for scariest Jack-o-Lantern, most intricate Jack-o-Lantern or most creative Jack-o-Lantern. Ultimately, you can customize this event to suit the needs of your attendees. Host it at a venue that has plenty of space for your carvers, such as a rustic ranch that includes an outdoor gathering area.

Quirky Rustic Ranch House With Campground

Concoct a Creepy Meal with Ghoulish Cooking Lessons

Rather than simply getting together and chatting over drinks, today’s revelers prefer an experiential event. Give them what they want by creating an event that allows people to learn a few new tricks in the kitchen that will result in ghoulish treats. Go all out with this theme by designing a meal that has creepy elements — such as gooey sauces or life-like side dishes. Add to the ambiance by hosting your event at a steampunk industrial space, which will give it a laboratory feel.

West Village Steampunk Industrial Space

Host a Movie Night of Horrors

Halloween is the holiday for frightful sights and screeching sounds, so why not make the most of it? Instead of going down the traditional route of planning a party with costumes and candy, opt for a horror movie night with your closest friends. Rent a spooky house and put up a projector screen so that everyone can feel like they are a part of the scary movie. Make sure the volume is turned up loud enough so that everyone jumps out of their seats when the time is right!

5000sq ft Gothic Location/DTLA Perfect

Your Halloween event simply can’t come to life unless you discover the perfect venue for you. Explore the options available through Splacer, where you are sure to find the perfect place that will allow your theme to come to life. Begin scouting out the right space for your ghoulish gathering, and visit the Splacer marketplace now.