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Starry Night with Filigree Suppers

Last month Filigree Suppers hosted a dreamy supper, one that celebrated the night sky at one of our spaces.  It was one of the most pleasant dinners I was lucky to attend. Upon my arrival, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful flower bouquets that decorated the communal table. The beautifully curated table included wooden plates, golden silverware and other tastefully designed items that were all a part of the concept of American-made designs. The theme of the night was Starry night – and suitably, dark blues and golds decorated the entire space.

The evening started with saturated cocktails made individually by the lovely bartender. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Different people from all across the city introduced themselves to one another and it was so pleasant to get lost in conversations with everyone. Each course drew inspiration from an astrological sign or constellation prepared by chef Nahvae Frost. The dinner was excellent – the chef even made sure to make me a personal plate (due to food allergies) and sincerely, it was some of the best fish I’ve ever tasted. The host Brita Olsen did an incredible job curating such a fun and memorable event.





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words & images by Sarah Benjamin