Going Splaces: San Francisco Launch

We founded Splacer two years ago. Prior to that, we were practicing architects with our own architecture firms. As much as we loved to build, we realized that there were simply too many existing spaces that were either underutilized or left unoccupied. We wanted to create more sustainable cities, and so we provided access to the local community by pushing shared access as an alternative model to ownership. We quickly understood that there was a market, and instead of preaching better use of space, we decided to practice it by building a system that could better utilise space and founded a great company – Splacer.

Splacer provides us access to unique spaces. Today, we have thousands of people who have used our platform, and have more then 350 spaces in NYC and we are excited to expand to the West Coast with our recent launch in San Francisco, where we already have over 100 space. We are so thankful for everyone who came and supported us in our inauguration event.






We are also very proud to introduce our Co-founder Maria Molland – COO & Head of Growth, who joined our founding team a few weeks ago. Maria brings onboard years of operational experience especially around scaling businesses globally. We are super excited to have her join our journey. We look forward to bringing these unique experiences to San Francisco, and hopefully working with each of you to make that possible.



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