From the Media: Splacer in Israel21C

We are so delighted to kick off the first week of 2016 with a feature in the popular blog Israel21c by Abigail Klein Lachman. In a recent conversation, we talked about the use of empty spaces, as well as Splacer’s working model history and future. 

Here’s a taste of the article:

“We envision a world where beautiful spaces never go to waste,” says Lihi Gerstner, cofounder of Splacer.

Splacer is an online marketplace where owners of “beautiful spaces” can be matched with people seeking out-of-the-box venues for meetings, workshops, photo and movie shoots, parties, lectures, launches, pop-up stores, exhibits or other events.

Following a pilot in Tel Aviv that proved the popularity and feasibility of renting out unusual residential and commercial spaces for events, Splacer had its official kickoff in March. By December, there were 236 listed spaces in New York and another 100 in Israel, with many more to be posted soon.

Users pay nothing to list or search for “Splaces” through the online platform. Splacer takes a 15% commission on every booking. The site also offers courtesy links to event-production services and equipment rentals.

“Mainly we’re targeting companies that become return customers for meetups and parties,” says Gerstner. “Etsy, for example, has 20 divisions, and each goes out twice a month for an offsite. They have been an interesting partner to work with.”

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See some of the splaces featured in the article and learn more:

splacer_The_Spirit_ManufactoryA spirit manufactory in Brooklyn. Click here for more info.

Beautiful modern TriBeCa loft. Click here for more info.

splacer-greenhouseUrban greenhouse in Brooklyn. Click here for more info.