Best of Splacer, Spaces

Best of Splacer: Dinner Party Spaces

Tired of the loud bridge and tunnel crowds at your favorite weekday spots? Is ordering Seamless getting a bit depressing? Try hosting your own dinner party instead. Here are some of our favorite dinner party spots.


Meticulous Williamsburg Space

This splace has a high end professional kitchen, a chic and curated aesthetic, and a large dining room table. This will be the perfect setting for your next intimate dinner party.



Community-Based Industrial Loft

This loft is in an old piano factory,designed for conversation and community, a place for sprawling meals around a big, homemade wooden table.



LES Intimate Storefront

This LES storefront was designed with dinner parties in mind. The front of the space boosts chic decor, while the back of the space has a professional kitchen, with stainless steal counter-space.





A Bibliophile’s Dream

This space is lined with shelves packed with leather-bound classics and signed first editions. The legendary splace has played host to decades of treasures from all eras.