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Best of Splacer: Off-Site Spaces

When your team is lacking motivation, take it off-site to an unexpected location. It’s an excellent way to shake things up. At Splacer, we firmly believe that the right environment can stimulate communication and out-of-the-box thinking. Break away from the expected with our list of 5 hand-picked off-site locations.


Culinary Museum

A space for those with real taste. This one-of-a-kind culinary museum located in Williamsburg/Greenpoint offers 20-foot ceilings, industrial details, and a unique collection of scientific gastronomic gadgets. It’s the perfect spot to throw a sweet event.


Reinvented Midtown Meeting Space

Just North of Grand Central Terminal, catch spectacular views, elegant lighting, and a modern inspired café at this reinvented Midtown space. Elements of the location come together to create the ideal setup for your business, workshop, or networking event. The space is also highly configurable, able to meet most event specifications.


Renovated Tile Factory

Located in a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood, this former tile factory has been renovated into a more welcoming space. With modern architecture, exposed brick, and a relaxed atmosphere it’s the ideal space for your next big meeting. Step out of the old office and into one with character.


Midtown Penthouse

If you are looking for a more versatile location, this Midtown Penthouse is for you. Entertain guests out on the terrace, conduct business meetings in one of two spacious studios, or lounge by the cozy original fireplace.



Gathering Space For Creative Spirits

Foster your creativity in a space that truly inspires. This enchanting private library stimulates the imagination with its extensive collection of books, records, and art. The space is great for anything from reading a book to teaching a small class.

Words by Kevin Soojian