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Roaming a Jungle of Creativity

Don’t look away, you might miss the entrance to this fabulous, inspiring site. This Williamsburg based studio might serve as a photo studio, prop house and set design shop, but we also like to think of it as an eclectic realm of possibilities.

After you come inside and take a few seconds to let your eyes get used to the richness of objects and colors (not to mention the ridiculously high ceilings), check out the taxidermies on the walls surrounding the lounge area, the amazing photoshoot stage, the well-designed hidden nooks and think about the dozens of artists that had contributed to the formation of these exceptional items over the years.


This is an origin point for inspiring projects, creative designs and exciting collaborations. Brian, the studio manager, told us how all the artists involved in working with the space – over 40 practitioners – contribute to the space, whether with objects or design, rendering it as a continuous work in progress.

Listen to our conversation right here:

studio 2