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Featured Space: Spacious SoHo Meeting Space

This space reinvented meetings. It is fully equipped for intense brainstorming sessions, but it’s also one of the first spaces to have soft seating and built in kitchen. A huge variety of events were hosted here, from clothing line launches to CEO meetings. We talked to Sara Schiller, the owner of the Spacious SoHo Meeting Space about why she opened the space, what it’s used for, and what makes the space so special.


Tell us about your space what is it used for during the day and what goes on there after hours.

SARA SCHILLER: MEET reinvented meetings. We have spaces at combine design, technology, and service that provide the backdrop for successful meetings.  Our spaces are used by large companies, advertising agencies, creative agencies, focus groups, and small start-ups. After hours we often host cultural activities by bringing in a filmmaker, an author or an artist to discuss what inspires them.



Why did you decide to open up a dedicated space for meetings?

SS: We opened MEET in 2008 because we were doing a lot of strategy work and did not have a space in the city that we thought met our purposes –  from a functional standpoint and from a creative view. We were one of the first spaces ever offer soft seating for meetings with the belief that if people are comfortable they will open up more. We also were the first meeting space to have a built in kitchen, as everyone knows the best conversations happen around the kitchen table. We love the idea that people can grab a custom coffee mug or peruse the fridge for a drink.



What types of meetings have been hosted at your space?

SS: MEET has hosted everything from a celebrity clothing line launch to intense CEO team meetings to crazy brainstorming sessions where the entire space was covered with post it notes.


What features at your space make it great for meetings?

SS: Since our entire space has been optimized for meetings, every little detail is conducive for a guest to have a successful event. Importantly, we have built-in technology that is plug-and-play. We have all of the little things you need like notepads, pens, flip charts so that you can brainstorm productively. Since we are not tied to any caterer we bring in the best food in the city from Shake Shack to Momofuko to Balthazaar’s. Another fun point is that we do a wine and cheese tasting at the end of each meeting. Everyone loves to take a moment to sit back and congratulate themselves on the day well done.


How have you benefited from hosting other companies in your space (other than financially)?

SS: We are at our happiest when someone comes up to us and says that they started out the day thinking they were going to a boring meeting but ended up being inspired and learning something new from the art in the space.

Spacious SoHo Meeting Place is available to book via Splacer.