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Featured Space: Urban Loft

Several years ago, the cofounders of Urban Loft set out to design a functional space that would fuel creativity, with an eventual goal of redefining business meetings. Featuring beautiful art pieces, an accessible street-level entrance, spacious private meeting rooms, and so much more, their current, completed space encourages individuals to unleash their ideas. The owners’ knack for designing the space comes from a deep, profound understanding of how people work their best to reach their full potential for productivity. The space is tailored to guarantee that you and your business will have a seamless experience.

Urban Loft has come to the conclusion that New Yorkers constantly want to learn. When delving into new educational opportunities, these individuals are able to share with others, post on social media, talk about with friends over dinner, and the like. The space constantly generates evolution and changing of ideas with many different activations.


B. Wine and cheese

All smiles at a wine and cheese reception at Urban Loft


For example, Urban Loft curates wine and cheese receptions every month, adding a fun twist to a business meeting. Wine information is written on a chalkboard, so people can educate themselves about what they are sampling. If you can’t make these events, don’t fret – according to the cofounders, wine is poured every day in the early evening “so that meetings can end on a high note.”


C. Artwork by Josh Keyes, Ian Francis, and Wayne White (left to right). Crystal Chandelier dipped in industrial white rubber, by Tobias Wong

Artwork by Josh Keyes, Ian Francis, and Wayne White at Urban Loft


The space is always decorated with unique, eclectic art that catches visitors eyes. Art tours have been given at the end of many different meetings, and visitors have even mentioned, “all day, I’ve been wanting to know more about this piece.” The art that is displayed naturally inspires individuals, and people leave the space feeling refreshed and pleased to have experienced something new and different.


E. Better on Toast Book Launch

Guests at a book launch in Urban Loft


A multitude of cultural events have been hosted at Urban Loft, providing branding opportunities for clients and allowing guests to partake in interactive experiences. One notable event brought in illustrators and sculptors; the artists added unique art toys to a signature collection of lamps in the space as guests watched and engaged. This event provided them with a new learning experience and stimulated exploration. Here, guests happily revel in the comfortable furniture that easily translates the “Better on Toast” brand at its launch event.


F. SenseUP! Summit 2016

Summit meeting held in our space, featuring vibrant decor and cool tones


The team at Urban Loft told us that performance increases outside of one’s comfort zone. People are more motivated and encouraged when something new and different is brought to the table. Off-site meetings have become so increasingly popular for this reason exactly – a new, unfamiliar environment evokes change and ideas from many different perspectives. At Urban Loft, the decor, interesting features (a signature coffee mug collection, for example), and experience as a whole will inevitably make for a perfect, highly productive meeting.


G. Small focus group

Small focus group held in a collaborative room


Collaboration begins when hierarchy dissolves, so hold your meeting in a level setting where everyone has ample opportunity to contribute to the conversation. Comfortable furniture featured in the space allows for relaxation and a free flow of speech. One guest mentioned that the setting at Urban Loft allowed for him to feel like he could be really open with his boss – for the first time in two years.

Details in spaces are quite important for productivity. The cofounders carefully implemented a black background that strategically fosters interaction – guests’ faces and eyes really pop against this color. The space is also highly adaptable, allowing furniture to be rearranged or positioned differently to meet varying client needs. Thoughtful details, while sometimes overlooked by designers, are key to the success of a space. These details enhance any meeting experience to increase meaningful conversation and the potential for highly successful outcomes.


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