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Beautiful Landmark Church event space _

When you are looking for an event space, you do not have to look for the standard spaces that you have used year after year. There are a lot of unique spaces that you can use if you only know where to start looking. One type of place that you may not have considered in the past are religious spaces that have been converted into event spaces that can really wow all of your guests. These are just a few spaces that meet that description and are unique in nature.

2018-08-28 21_59_00-Winery and Old Stone Church event space _ Yorktown Corporate and Social Venues

Winery and Old Stone Church


Winery and Old Stone Church

This old stone church in Yorktown is 105 years old but it wears its age well. Not only is it an event space that can house up to 100 guests comfortably, but it is also a winery and a brewery that can add an additional touch to your event. It is a commercial space but it is available for events when booked in advance. With high, vaulted ceilings and stonework both inside and out, it is like a step back in time to something more simple. At the same time, it provides an elegance, a unique ambiance, and personality component to any party or event that is hosted within the space.



Renovated Church

This former church in central Los Angeles can be used for a variety of different types of events. Because it has been renovated to be a modern space, it has many uses. When it is not being used as an event space, the owners use it as a studio. However, the space can hold up to 60 people and has been used for all kinds of events, not just holiday parties. Some events that have taken place in the loft include breakouts for training, product launches, and even dinners. With gorgeous stone work making up the walls, the overall design of the space makes it universal to any idea you have in mind.

Brooklyn Sanctuary_ Rugged, Luxurious Loft event space _ Sunset Park New York Co

Brooklyn Sanctuary_ Rugged, Luxurious Loft

Brooklyn Sanctuary

This duplex loft in Brooklyn offers more than meets the eye. It is not your typical event space but that is part of its charm. It used to be a church but now it is a modern sanctuary which can be used for many different types of events. The space can hold up to 60 guests and even has indoor and outdoor soak tubs, a sauna, a deck with a grill, and a unique outdoor space for gathering. Because of the layout, it may not be great for larger corporate events with presentations but it can be great for getting people together in a unique and fun space that can keep the party going all night.


Inspiring Former Synagogue in Manhattan

Inspiring Former Synagogue in Manhattan


Former Synagogue in Manhattan

This former synagogue in Manhattan can host up to 60 people and has been transformed into a townhouse plus an event space. Like the previous one on the list, this one is ideal for gatherings that are more social in nature due to the layout of the townhome. Once you get inside, the space speaks for itself with 22 foot high ceilings, 3 outdoor patios for gathering, and even a hot tub. It has been created into a modern space by a team of world-famous designers and that is easy to tell once you step foot into the space. This is a space that will allow for grandeur and elegance.


Beautiful Landmark Church event space _

Beautiful Landmark Church event space


Landmark Church

This space allows for the most people out of all them on the list: up to 1,000 people. This is because before it was an event space, it was a massive church. Not only that, but it is also a landmark church located in Manhattan on Park Avenue so it is right in the middle of all of the city action. This is a space that has been used for a variety of other things such as events, banquets, and even for the filming of some movies. It is an iconic space that can really set the stage for your iconic event with a large group of attendees.

As you can see, all of these spaces can provide you with something unique so you can create the event that you have been dreaming of for your company. There are a lot of these different types of spaces in every city so be sure to take a look around to find a cool space for your next event.